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Maximize Efficiency.
Minimize Chaos.

Reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters to Spark your business

Save roughly


with increased responsiveness
and reliability

per month

Opting for Spark Support over an on-site employee can save you roughly $1,300 monthly, considering the average executive assistant wage of $20/hour.

Ignite Your Success with Spark

Project Management
Schedule Management
Email Management
Research and Developement

Feel like you can’t take a vacation?

Wasting time on email and

overlooking messages?

Experiencing schedule delays and cost overruns?

Getting stuck in the

planning phase?

Waste time
Time Management
Take Vacation
Task Management

How it Works

Unlock your Productivity with Spark

Productivity Meets Personal Virtual Assistance!
Tasks background
Executive Assistant

Schedule a consultation with our solutions consultant to discover how Spark can tailor solutions for your business growth. Upon agreement, we'll pair you with a personal Virtual Assistant and Subject Matter Expert.

Step 1. Discovery Call


You, your Client Success Consultant, and your virtual assistant will have a kickoff call to officially start your partnership, where you'll meet, set initial goals, discuss communication plans, and set yourselves up for success.

Step 2. You're Matched!

Client Matched
Match Clients

Step 3. Let's Build

Allow Spark to expertly manage your workload, freeing you from the mundane tasks that often bog down productivity. Watch your efficiency soar, unencumbered by the weight of administrative busywork.

Optimized Workflow

Step 4.
Resource Maximization

Access our tutorials and join the Spark Insider Community to facilitate your business growth. Your Spark team will continually evolve, providing more opportunities to contribute to your success.


Who is Spark?

Spark Support Can Save Up To


on a Business’ Operating Cost

Collaborate with Spark, a skilled team specializing in administrative and marketing tasks. They embody trustworthiness, proficiency, proactivity, tech-savviness, attention to detail, and strategic thinking.

Executive Assistant

Who can use Spark?

and You!

Here’s how leaders are using Spark!

"Spark Pro Global has played a vital role in our business, enabling us to concentrate on growing it rather than being bogged down in day-to-day operations."

Stella Greer

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