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Delegate tasks to your new ally and watch your business and creativity thrive!

In the beauty industry, time is precious.
At Spark, we get that you're passionate about serving clients and enjoying your craft, not being bogged down by to-dos. 
Salon Stylist

Boost Your Profits with Spark!

Here’s How Leading Stylists are Doing It:




Delegate 20 hours per week to Spark Support


Generate an additional $3,000 per month


based on an hourly rate of $50!

Save roughly


with increased responsiveness
and reliability

per month

Opting for Spark Support over an on-site employee can save you roughly $1,300 monthly, considering the average executive assistant wage of $20/hour.

Ignite your Success with Spark

Executive Assistant Phone
Manage your projects and tasks
Schedule Delays
Prevent overlooked and messy emails
Research and Development
Vacation Anytime
Manage your time
Plan your trips
Manage your time
Feeling like your days are out of control?
Bogged down by responding to appointment requests?
Struggling to maintain consistent social media presence and brand identity?
Spending unnecessary time on travel planning and expense reports?

How it Works

Unlock your 

Productivity meets personalized assistance when businesses leverage Spark Support. Businesses benefit from virtual assistants who handle tasks like administration, customer service, and marketing. Delegating these responsibilities frees up time and resources for strategic activities. 🚀

Join us and complete a comprehensive questionnaire designed to match you with your ideal companion based on your requirements and personality type.


Sign Up Process

Step 1

Match your needs

You and your new best friend will have a kickoff call to officially start your partnership, where you'll meet, discuss communication plans, and set yourselves up for success.

You're Matched!

Step 2

Match your needs

Allow Spark to handle the workload and witness your productivity soar, free from the burdens of busywork.

Let’s Build

Step 3

Increase Sales

Explore our tutorials and join the Spark Insider Community to enhance your business growth. This community shares insights on how top salons are enhancing guest experiences.

Resource Maximization

Step 4


How Can the Beauty Industry Use Spark? 

Salon Stylist

Social Media Management

Email & Appointment Management

Maximize Salon Software

Salon Processes Improvements

Enhance Guest Experience

Online Reputation Management

Travel Management

Research and Development

Here’s how Salon Owners are using Spark!

Jenna from Rubylu Salon
"After my onboarding call with Spark, I was so happy I could cry. The professional support I’ve been offered has been a game changer for my salon, knowing many tasks that had been slipping through the cracks are now handled seamlessly.  I’m able to get more done and worry less. I seriously feel like I’ve gained 20 hours of my life back weekly without my business missing a beat!"

Jenna, WI Salon Owner

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